Saturday, 3 March 2018

Friday May the Fourth -The Rebel Alliance Sound Systems Unite - Cyprus Avenue Cork

Cork's Revelation Sound System are now twenty one years hosting sound-system events around Ireland & Europe. On a visual and technical level Revelation Sound have made leaps in terms of reproducing with superb quality, the best sound reproduction of dub & bass music. Revelation are consistently upgrading their sound system, combining analogue and digital technologies married with a full spectrum of speakers, scoops and bass bins to reproduce a rich heavy roots sound that you can feel as well as hear. 

WBC is a collective name for a bunch of musicians, music producers, selectors and artists who strive to create music & events with the highest quality bass. 

"We are proud to wheel out for the first time in Cork city with our dub brothers Revelation sound our custom made WBC Sound System. Come and experience the best dub and bass music through two different sound systems. LOVE IS LAW" - WBCSS HQ

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