Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Rebel Soundsystem Session Episode 1 - Friday 2 DEC 2016

Rootical Sound System incoming from Galway

alongside Revelation Sound System
& World BASS Culture Family.

Two Soundsystem in action on the night.
Tribes n Rebels transmitting a full sound spectrum
Exploring the best reproduction
Playing Deep Roots from early and leading into 2016 Steppas styles.

Irieland's pioneers bringing you on a mystic audio visual journey..

Friday 2 DEC 2016

Special guest the beautiful and talented FYahRed.

Vizual backdrop by Vj Present

A World Bass Revelation Production

Doors 10pm

AMP Venue, Hanover St., Cork IRL

More info here
 Details on Facebook Event Page (Click Image)

REVELATION WORKS - YouTube Revelation Playlist