Wednesday, 21 February 2018

REVELATION meets ROOTICAL - Friday 16th March 2018

Cork's Revelation Sound System are now twenty one years hosting sound-system events around Ireland & Europe. On a visual and technical level Revelation Sound have made leaps in terms of reproducing with superb quality, the best sound reproduction of dub & bass music. Revelation are consistently upgrading their sound system, combining analogue and digital technologies married with a full spectrum of speakers, scoops and bass bins to reproduce a rich heavy roots sound that you can feel as well as hear.

Revelation’s sound has been the introduction to deep bass and conscious music for many over the last two decades, promoting some of the top producers and artists on the national and outer-national dub scene. At Revelation Sound System events, focus is a combination of early roots classics up to the latest upcoming releases, peppered with vocals, live instruments and MC's.

“Who feels it knows it,” is how Jason of Rootical Sound System describes the feeling of a big sound system. Jason says he has always thought big when it comes to his setup. Jason began playing in clubs, and used a friend’s PA where possible. In 1999, a UK crew called Armagideon Sounds played Dublin and Galway and their set-up spurred him on to build his own.

“It’s something a bit different to the normal nightclub experience. The system is custom built to deliver the music as it should be heard and felt. Live MCs are there to interact with the crowd and draw them into the vibes. Nothing is rehearsed, we just build a vibe with the crowd & try to ensure everyone has a nice time.”

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